Monday, March 4, 2013

Beautiful Final Fantasy X Lulu Cosplay

Have you seen this beautiful final fantasy x Lulu cosplay? I found her by chance and I was attracted by her the minute I saw her :D This is one of the best ff Lulu cosplays I have ever seen, what do you think of it?

Picture Credit
       Finl fantasy Lulu is one of my favorite characters, she is elegant, beautiful and sexy in my heart, and cosplay Lulu is also a challenging job, hence some girls would avoid such kind of imitation, but some are just into complicated style of clothing. Anyhow, we would admit that final fantasy x Lulu cosplay would make cosplayers quite striking as long as they put on the gorgeous costume.

This cosplay girl has look-alike face and body shape as Lulu, so she just find the great cosplay for herself that could help her express her charm to the fullest. What a pretty black mage here! It would be perfect if she has larger bust.

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