Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Final Fantasy IX Freya Crescent Cosplay

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 Hey, guys, what do you think of final fantasy ix Freya Crescent cosplay? On my part, it is interesting and full of attraction, not easy but also not that complicated, but we do need a careful and good preparation for it. Meanwhile, it would help us to standing out among the other cosplayers easily. I love Freya and of course love Freya cosplay.
 In terms of Freya Crescent, she is a character from FF IX, a skilled, powerful and smart warrior, and she is also a friendly and modest girl. Freya generally wears a red hat, long red coat with a pale blue cravat and buckles, plus the knee length trousers and the tail with a small ribbon. She has short white hair and green eyes. Yeah, she is cute.

 As she is a Burmecian, hence she is rate-like. Speaking of cosplaying Freya, some of us would wear the similar mask, and some of us don’t wear it. And it totally depends on us. In a word, this is final fantasy cosplay is indeed an ideal Halloween cosplay idea, do you think so?

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