Monday, July 27, 2015

Beautiful Fan Arts of Final Fantasy Sephiroth

Personally, I admire those guys who are good at designing and drawing all kinds of things they want and like. Yes, they are genius in my heart, because I’ve tried so many times, but failed so many times. I love drawing, but my hands are not mine. So if you tell me you can anything good as long as you want, and then I will become your fan immediately.

    Hence, when I found these beautiful and awesome fan arts of final fantasy Sephiroth, I was attracted by greatly, on the one hand, I am huge fan of this final fantasy badass character, and the pictures look really cool on the other hand. Now, I am going to share them with you, hope you like them too.


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  2. This image post helped enlighten me about Sephiroth's fan fiction drawing community, thanks!

  3. Credit the artists too if you like them so much???


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