Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Rufus Shinra Cosplay

      This final fantasy vii advent children Rufus Shinra cosplay is one of the best I have ever seen, wow, I love him so much. This cosplayer really looks the same as the character he is cosplaying, do you agree? Of course, another guy Reno also does cool job. The handsome face, the beautiful hair and the cool white cosplay costume, all of them make this cosplayer an impressive and outstanding final fantasy Rufus Shinra.
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As one of the popular characters of Final Fantasy series, Rufus Shinra is different from many of the other members, he usually wears white suit, which shows that he is a person in pursuit of perfection and loves everything spotless. In addition, Rufus has blue eyes and blond hair, and is tall in stature.

Cosplay final fantasy vii advent children Ruufus is suitable for both males and females, and could make any of us cool and handsome.

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