Thursday, December 13, 2012

Imposing Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Cosplay

Today is final fantasy xiii Lightning cosplay show time! I have to say this cosplay girl got an excellent photographer who helps her present imposing and cool Claire Farron to the most, do you think so? And we could then enjoy the awesomeness of Lightning cosplay that is illuminating by the shot. In one word, this is epic final fantasy cosplay.

Picutre Credit

Lightning is an overdone choice because of the grand popularity of FF series and the personal charm of this famle character. It looks like that there is really a good many of ff characters that are excessively cosplayed by boys and girls but are still famous in our eyes. Maybe we believe that we could do a better cosplay next time, time and time again, we find that we have done the character so many times. 

The same as ff13 Lightning cosplay, a lot of us must have done it more than once, and we indeed display better Claire Farron each time. Lighning cosplay was, is and will be interesting and popular in our heart.

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